Attending the International Conference hold by Mongolian Constitutional Court

Thu, 10/10/2019 - 15:27 -- admin

U Myint Win, Member  and U Thein Win, Deputy Director General of the Constitutional Tribunal of the Union attended the international conference which was hold by Mongolian Constitutional Court from 6-6-2019 to 7-6-2019. The main theme of the conference is " The Power distribution and Constitutional Court".

Chairmen, Justices of the Constitutional Courts and the Supreme Court of Korea, Russia, Thailand, Phillipine, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan, Kyrgystan, Bulgaria and the Chairman of Vennice Commission also attended that conference.

The conference was hold in the meeting room of Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Mongolia. Firstly, the Chariperson of the Constitutional Court of Mogolia and the Chairman of Vennice Commission addressed the opening speech. In two day conference,  "Legislative and Constitutional Court"  was presented by Mr. Gunars Kutris,  "The executive and the Constitutional Court" was presented by Mr. Philip Dimitrov , the Member of Vennice Commission, the Member of Vennice Commission and former Prime Minister of Bulgaria,  "The judiciary and the Constitutional Court" was presented by  the Member of Vennice Commission, Mr. Yasna Omyeyets .

That conference is the first conference which is collaborated by Mongolian Constitutional Court and Vennice Commission.